City Walls 2 Supports “#MakeitSO”!

City Walls 2 Supports "#MakeitSO"!

We have thought for a while now that the city’s music sector should take a step up, have more support, more collaboration, come together to tackle some of the challenges that we all face, and to make more noise about the wonderful and diverse music culture that we have in Southampton. Now we have the City of Culture 2025 competition on the horizon, with a real chance of a successful bid., we want to see music at the forefront of that, with all the building blocks in place to #MakeitSO.

In association with Claire Whitaker OBE and the CoC Bid team, we have organised SO: Let’s talk about music to set the ball rolling. We are hoping to bring people together – whatever their role or musical interests. In association with SOCO, Solent Music and others we have planned:-

  • An address by Claire Whitaker OBE
  • Short inspirational talks by local music industry figures
  • An opportunity to give your views with discussions about recognising our assets and what we can do to develop and promote our local music sector.
  • Agreement on our priorities, how we go forward, and how we win support from the city’s leaders for the music sector.

For more information see:

We are inviting you to:

  1. Book your free place for either the afternoon or evening event – we are running it twice to suit your schedule

    AFTERNOON 2pm-4.30pm :
    EVENING 6pm-8.30pm :

  2. Please help spread the word:-
    1. Forward this email to your contacts in the local music sector – your band or
      orchestra, fellow musicians, music teachers, agents, managers, sound
      technicians, PR and media.
    2. Share the Southampton Festivals facebook post about SO: Let’s talk about music,
      and follow @sofests on Twitter to stay in touch.

If you can’t make the event, it would be good to know that you are supportive or happy to add to
the debate – so please send a reply to this email and join our mailing list to stay in touch in future.
Best Wishes,