To top and tail CW2 White Elephant are above all about trying to help genuinely ‘young and new’ artists to be ‘seen, heard and talked about’. Just like 40 years ago CW2 has been able to convince a couple of Generation Z artists to join the collective. The generation that has suffered most because of COVID-19 and the one who will be most likely the one to pick up the tab for its economic impact. So the fact that they’ve agreed to ‘sign up’ to CW2 makes us very proud indeed.

Artist-producer duo, Telemarkk, immerse themselves in a world of atmospheric synth-pop, fusing dream pop with modern electronica to create enthralling textured productions that are obscure yet outstanding. Max Berg and Asad Siddiqui, childhood friends from Southampton, describe their sound as an ambiguous expansion of their love for varied genres of music. Find more out about them at on their website and below at bandcamp.

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